Tick and Flea Control

Eco-Lawn offers the most effective Tick and Flea Control Program to eliminate these pests which are be harmful to humans and pets. We make two or three applications to the property when the Ticks and Fleas are most susceptible.

Ticks transmit Lyme Disease to humans and pets by feeding on their blood. They do this by inserting their mouthparts into the skin of animals or people. This is a debilitating disease that can cause serious health problems involving the heart, joints, and nervous system.

Ticks prefer to live in the low growth vegetation surrounding a property. This is an area where they are likely to find a food source such as deer, mouse, or human. Ticks do not jump or fly, they lie and wait for a host to brush up against them. Once that contact has been made, they latch on and begin to feed on the blood of that host.

Understanding the life cycle and habitat of the Ticks allows Eco-Lawn to effectively target these pests where they live and to eliminate them when they are most vulnerable.

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