Lawn Care Tips for the Spring Season

In< the spring,

everything begins to grow rapidly after the dormant period of winter. Consider these lawn care tips to help bring your yard back to life:

    • As lawns come out of dormancy from the long winter, they should be checked for diseases (such as snow mold) and insects (like grubs).
    • Lawns that receive proper year-round care – such as the lawn treatments offered by Eco-Lawn’s Premium Lawn Care programs – tend to be more resistant to disease and pests all year long.
    • The fertilization of your lawn in the spring is vital because this feeding replenishes the reserves used during the dormant winter period.
    • As the mowing season begins, be sure to review our lawn mowing tips for advice on proper mowing techniques.
    • To prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass, spring is the ideal time to treat lawns with pre-emergents.
    • Do you know the pH level of your soil? Having your soil professionally tested by Eco-Lawn can help you determine what compounds might need to be added to create the best growing environment for turf and trees.

Spring Lawn Care Definition of Terms:

If you’d like to review the Spring Lawn Care terminology, the bolded terms above are linked to the glossary page.

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