Lawn Care Tips for the Fall Season

After the stressful summer, Fall is the best time of year to repair and strengthen your lawn.

Follow these tips to establish deep root growth before winter arrives:

  • During the fall, the grass roots grow most actively. A well-balanced fertilizer applied as part of an Eco-Lawn Program will help to encourage grass root development.
  • Power Core Aeration will alleviate hard, compacted soil that became that way from the stress of summer. Aeration will also allow the grass roots to grow more freely and improves the soil’s ability to hold and distribute water and nutrients.
  • Power Core Aeration combined with Eco-Lawn’s proprietary grass seed mix will reestablish grass growth in thinning lawn areas.
  • When the leaves start to fall, rake or blow the lawn clean at least once a week. Keeping your lawn leaf-free doesn’t only look better; it’s also healthier for your lawn to be leaf-free. Leaves block sunlight, which is vital in the fall as the lawn stores food for the dormant winter season.

Fall Lawn Care Definition of Terms:

If you’d like to review the Fall Lawn Care terminology, the bolded terms above are linked to the glossary page.

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