Eco-Lawn’s treatment of your lawn is a comprehensive one.

This involves selecting the exact products for your specific needs, performing well timed applications that take advantage of natural cycles and responding promptly to communication from you.

We currently provide the following services:

  • Granular Fertilizer
  • Weed Controls
  • Crab Grass Control
  • Insect Controls
  • Preventative Grub Control
  • Shrub & Tree Care
  • Tick & Flea Control
  • Fungus Control
  • Power Core Aeration
  • Seeding
  • Lime (pelletized)
  • Mosquito Control

To learn more about our three areas of service, Lawn Care, Shrub and Tree Care, and Tick and Flea Control click on the links below:

For Additional Information, Contact Eco-Lawn Today:

Contact us for your FREE Lawn Evaluation or call today at 973-838-5545 to find out more.

In an effort to provide you with the best possible service, we encourage communication from you.

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